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We are your full stack digital service provider that will take care of everything from A-Z. As a company, we are focused on creating 10x growth for your organization. Contact us today to help with everything from Web Development to Search Engine Optimization.

  INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR THE TOUGHEST PROBLEMS   Simply stated, we are a global IT company bringing you the best in first class digital services. How could your business benefit from a team of dedicated, affordable IT specialists by your side? We are here to help you leverage the power of the digital world. Our team of experienced programmers, developers and designers will create an incredibly innovative internet presence for your business. If you have been thinking of building a new website, upgrading your old website, or ramping up your search engine rankings, contact Centricwave today!   Our team is proud to call itself one of the best IT companies on the market. We understand that you have endless options when it comes to choosing a digital service provider. However, when it comes to selecting the right option, you only have one choice. That choice is Centricwave. By partnering with only the most intelligent, and talented individuals we stand out as leaders in the global marketplace.   A proper information technology service should be reliable, dedicated, and committed to saving you money. When we take on any project, our focus is on guaranteeing that we deliver unbeatable value for our clients. What makes us so special is our commitment to quality work that is given to you fast and at a phenomenal price. By outsourcing your IT needs to Centricwave, you will gain an incredible peace of mind to focus on building your business. Let us handle your IT needs, while you focus on creating strategic alliances and strategies that foster long term, sustainable growth.  

What We Do


Software Development

Have you been searching for a team to build your next app or company software? Our incredibly knowledgeable team of software developers have the right combination of skills that you need.

Web Design & Creative Services

We have the creative expertise to make your project come to life. By tapping into the forces of consumer marketing, and buyer behavior, we will create the perfect website to attract the clientele you want.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps have taken over the world. To keep up with the rapid development of the mobile landscape, our team of engineers will create feature rich mobile applications to help your business succeed.

IT Staff

Simply stated, you need a dedicated IT staff. Often times you will experience IT problems that can cripple your organization. By partnering with Centricwave, we can deliver the perfect combination of on-site and off-site IT support that will streamline your productivity.

Search Engine Optimization

Your search engine rankings are critical. If you aren’t showing up on the first page, you aren’t getting noticed. At Centricwave, we will help you through the complicated world of pay per click, sponsored search, local advertisement, site submissions and listings.

Open Source Customization

The wonderful world of open source apps let companies personalize powerful tools to their specific needs. The brilliant team of engineers, developers and designers at Centricwave can help you utilize open source apps to create powerful solutions in a short time.


Your ideas combined with our professional expertise equals incredible solutions.


We take the design phase seriously. No detail is too small to consider.


Before delivering any project, we test everything from A-Z.


The day you have been waiting for is here. An on-time delivery every time sets us far apart from the competition.

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Nothing beats a team of dedicated IT engineers. Centricwave is here to help your business compete in the highly sophisticated digital landscape of today. By tackling your problems one day at a time, we will accomplish in a short time what other firms take ages to do!

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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to making your dreams come true. We want to hear about your ideas and goals for the future. Let us know how we can help and we will be right behind you every step of the way!